The number of business communication tools available over recent years has grown at a phenomenal rate, so fast, that it is not possible for most business and organisational leaders to keep pace with what is happening:

These are the problems:
• Enormous growth rate and development across the board in communication tools
• Trying to actually work out what your business should be investing in and what it shouldn’t be investing in
• Getting the best tips, advice and ‘how to’ information so that you can use these effectively and at the least cost
• Getting all of the above from a well-researched and impartial source, without anyone trying to sell you anything

If I can solve these problems for you, then I have been successful and, I hope, will have contributed to your success.

Business Communication

For many of us communications for years revolved around the telephone and printed media in different forms. No longer. Most will have heard of e-commerce, but what about m-commerce? Or what about social media, should you be on Facebook? Twitter? Digg? or one of the many hundreds of other social media sites? These are the sorts of things that I will try to help with. Or how much should a website cost $1000?, $10,000? Or $50,000?

Business Communications

Here’s a short video I made introducing myself and asking for your help and feedback

Serving you and your business

Richard Ebbs

Footnote – some of the sharper amongst you may notice favor / favour & color / colour issues. It is what I do! I hope it doesn’t cause any concern for you it’s just that I spend an enormous amount of time online and that world is dominated by the Americans!