Online Communities

Forum Software Options

We have looked at options for using a third party provider and now we shall look at what, for me, is the preferred option, that is, obtaining forum software and either working out how to install it yourself or getting a web designer or developer to get it online for you. If you take this […]

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How To Create A Forum

So you have decided that this is a great communication channel for your business and you want to know how to create a forum? You have a number of options open to you and, as ever, much of the decision you take will rest on what wins in the time versus money discussion, that we […]

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Business Forums

We shall look now at forums, that is, using forums as a communications channel for your business or organisation. Forums certainly are not suitable for all businesses but when they work they can do so very well indeed. As a starting point, because they are often overlooked, I’ve put some links together so that you […]

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