Advantages Of Cloud Computing


There are many advantages of cloud computing and surprisingly these are not just broadcast by companies supplying cloud services! Though, from a fairness point of view, there are disadvantages too and I’ll look at these elsewhere. Here we go, on the plus side:

1. Not so long ago to get hold of the services offered on the cloud your business would have had to make an enormous up-front investment in terms of getting all the equipment, software, licenses, the people with the skills to operate it all as well as a location to house everything in.
2. It’s scale-able and this works both ways. If you want or need more resources then you just pay more and you do not end up with lots of expensive and idle hardware underutilised in your quiet times.
3. Ease of access. Where ever you are just log in and you’ve got access.
4. As our computing world becomes ever more complex the chances that you can recruit the highly skilled and trained staff that are required to support your IT operations are unlikely to be a match for the skill sets and expertise that many of the cloud companies have, such as Amazon and IBM.
5. It allows smaller companies access to hardware and services that, only a few years ago, were simply out of their league.
6. You only pay for what you need.

Benefits of cloud computing

The Cloud Has Put Has Put Cutting Edge Technology Within Reach Of Smaller Businesses

7. You will have access to the latest technology and upgrades. Cloud companies need to stay ahead of their competition too, so you’ll get access to new products quickly.
8. Often the whole thing is managed for you. You do not have to concern yourself with such things as architecture integration you can concentrate on your core business instead. Likewise any problems you encounter are a phone call or live chat exchange away from being resolved.
9. Speed of implementation. Generally speaking a cloud company can turn on resources for you much quicker than your own team ever could.
10. The backup of your data and recovery options are generally much easier to do in the cloud.
11. Choice of location. This can be very important. If your business is in an area prone to flooding or other natural disasters then you can you put it in a cloud somewhere safer. Based in the U.K. but most of your customers are U.S. based? A U.S. based cloud could speed things up for your customers.