Generate QR Code


To generate QR code is a very simple process because you simply choose from one of the many websites that can do this and input the relevant data, URL etc., the site then produces the code and you are good to go.

If you have landed here and you think I am speaking a foreign language, then you can click QR codes to find out! You can also see examples of them being used if you still don’t get it by clicking here or here.

Most of these services on offer are free to use but that does not make them charities! Some offer an upsell, paid for service, like data analytics and you will simply have to work out whether that is something you need and want.

Right, here we go:

Firstly Kaywa. I do not know how the market share in QR code generation is made up but with these people you will find one of the most popular and trusted QR code generation sites. At the time of writing this you have five options; URL, text, phone number, SMS and contact. Though the site is popular the number of options available is exceeded by many other sites now.

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Hipscan, from where the above image is taken from is becoming popular. One reason for this is that the destination URL can be changed after the QR code has been created. The above image (click on the image to see a larger version) shows what you get for free and what you can get if you pay, still very affordable for most businesses where QR codes matter.

QRstuff one of the reasons I like this site, besides lots of different generation options, is that they provide a lot of clear and good information. This is particularly useful if you are new to QR codes and are still trying to work them out. This video shows QR codes being created using the site.

I’m also going to add in three other sites. All of these are good to try on the basis of the targeting options available (e.g. URL, SMS, Google Maps etc.). These are: delivr, azonmedia and beqrious.

It would have been easy to add to this list but in amongst the above sites you do have your QR code solution!