Recording A Webcast


Here I’ll take a look at recording a webcast. I will make an assumption here that if you are using a company that is providing webcasting services for you, that is, a third party specialist company is producing the webcasting event for you that they will record it and supply copies to you in whatever format you agree. If they cannot agree to do this, then get another company.

If you are producing a webcast then you should certainly record it. I’m not going to duplicate something that I have already written about so if you are not sure why you should be recording your webcast take a look at my article on Webinar Marketing, in fact, as these communication types are so similar, if you are assuming that a webcast is right but haven’t considered hosting a webinar then make sure you check out what I have written about that subject too. Your webcast service provider will, undoubtedly provide a facility to record your webcast as you produce it. So common is this now that if they do not provide this then simply go elsewhere. The only problem you may encounter is if your provider requires you to actually hit a ‘Record’ button and you forget! A simple mistake to make and just a touch embarrassing too.


If you want a recording of a webinar because, for example, you are working at the same time and want to view it later then ask the webcaster whether a link to a recording of the event will be provided. Often this alone will be enough to prompt the required action and achieve a result. A webcaster will want as many people to attend the webcast as is possible but most will accommodate and understand and see the benefit of providing a link to the recording.

If you do have to record the webcast yourself, then there is a simple and free way of doing this. Here it is:

recording a webcast

Recording A Webcast – Six Simple Steps Using Free Software

This comes from an article, which I am happy to credit. The software referred to is available from here.

An alternative offering from ehow shows an alternative method using free GetAsfStream software. You can read about this by following this link.


For those of you who need more options, or, are determined to spend some money then here you can see a long list of different kinds of recording software. As you can see some are free, some are available free for a trial period and some you pay for upfront. This is a really long and comprehensive list but the detail is a little short and what is provided is kind of technical so I would identify something that seemed to be what I was looking for and then do a simple search to find out what others are saying.

Another resource which gives details and more information than the above list can be found by visiting Cnet and then doing a simple search for ‘webcast recording’ or ‘streaming video recording’.


I attend many webinars and not so many webcasts, so am happy to accept that I do not fall into the expert category when it comes to webcasting. This communication tool certainly comes into its own when dealing with certain live events, for example, product launches, keynote speaker events, annual meetings and so on. When it comes down to a one or two person talking to a camera type of webcast I have yet to see one that could not have been done at least as well, and perhaps better, as a Podcast (and don’t forget there are many more distribution outlets for Podcasts) or a as Webinar, with which, it is much easier to make it more visually stimulating with the use or graphics, charts, videos and photographs. Just my own observations.