Website Test


Website test, as I look at here, relates to the functionality of your site. I will cover another type of website testing elsewhere, that is the massively overlooked area of testing your site to get more of your visitors doing what you want them to do than currently are.

There are many different things that can be tested on a website and so I am happy to simply list some of the resources that I use along with a brief explanation. Have a look, many are first-class and all are free.


Here you can enter the URL of your site and see what it looks like through all the different Internet browsers that are available.

This site shows you how your website is viewed on a desktop, mobile, tablet or television screen. Worth a look as, whether you like it or not, an increasing amount of your website visitors are coming to you from mobiles and tablets.


Whilst I understand that some readers may have fainted at the word coding being mentioned, here are some good sites to find any errors that you have. Why does this matter? Well just as when we write text we can make mistakes, so when you write in computer language sometimes you get errors too.

Validator w3.
This is, perhaps, the best known and most trusted.

This site assesses problems on your website with things like Java script and Alt tags.

Checks your site based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


website test

The Speed At Which Your Site Loads Is Important To The Search Engines


Google Page Speed. The speed at which a website loads when it is accessed is known to be a factor that is monitored by the search engines, quite simply if your website takes a long time to appear when someone is trying to access it then they are likely to lose patience and click off it. The search engines realise this and in their efforts to obtain a better user experience will ‘punish’ websites that are slow loading. This is one of the better sites but there are others too which will tell you how your website does and provide some advice. Look below to see how I scored with an alternative site.

web browser testCredit Tools Pingdom


Here you can test your site for people who may have a form of color blindness.


Handy site to bookmark for those times when your site appears to be offline. Just go to downforeveryoneorjustme and they tell you whether your site is actually down or whether it’s just you that has the problem accessing it.


Juicystudio. Excellent site to test the number of words, syllables and other details too. Importantly this gives a few different measures as to how readable your site is which is important for all, but especially if your business is aimed at a particular demographic group

My is shown below and, amongst other things, it shows that you need about 8.6 years of schooling to be able to read this site (the Gunning Fog Index).

website testing


Wordscount. This site works like juicystudio but allows you to copy and paste text to access it before you put it on your site and make it public.


Finally, this excellent article provides even more tools. I would caution you, however, that the ones that I have listed above will be fine for the vast majority of website owners. There is a danger of hunting down an ever increasing list of tools which may actually lead to ‘analysis paralysis’.