How To Install WordPress Plugins


I will now look at how to install WordPress plugins through your WordPress dashboard. This is the simplest way to upload a plugin but it only works with plugins that come from the plugin directory (which is where you get the vast majority of plugins from).

Step 1

Log into your site and from your dashboard and click ‘Plugins’ from the menu. When at the plugin page, at the top, you will see this. Click ‘Add New’

how to install wordpress plugins

Step 2

This brings you to a search box where you can enter either the exact name (if you know it), a general term or by tags. Enter a phrase here; I put in ‘SEO’ and this will bring you the results. You can then identify the best plugin for you. If you are not sure then you will notice that under the plugin name is a ‘Details’ button and this opens up to tell you more.

wordpress install plugin

Step 3

When you have found the best plugin then click ‘Install Now’ and then this lightbox effect happens –

install wordpress plugin

Click ‘OK’

Step 4

You are then shown a page stating that the plugin was successfully installed. Click ‘Activate Plugin’.

how to install plugins in wordpress

Step 5

What happens next depends on the plugin. Some are set when you hit the ‘Activate Plugin’, others require settings to be adjusted and changed. Most are straightforward but if you do find yourself needing help you can click on the link you will find next to the plugin that you have installed on your sites plugin page.

how to install wordpress plugin

If you have landed on this page without having read my article on then I would advise you to take a couple of minutes of your time to click through and read it, if only so that I can reinforce the message advising you not to just jump in and download hundreds of plugins; you don’t need them all!
WordPress Plugins