WordPress is extremely popular software which is used to build blogs and websites. At the mention of the word software many technically challenged people may be alarmed but there is no need for you to be. Building a website using WordPress is about as easy as it can be. If you are able to put up a page on Facebook then I would suggest that there’s a good chance you can build a WordPress site. I should mention here that WordPress is not the only popular and free website building software, there is also Joomla and Drupal and others, and I will take a look at these elsewhere. However, WordPress is for many, the website building software of choice so I’m going to pay quite a bit of attention to it here. So how popular is popular? Take a look at what Matt Mullenweg says:

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I’m going to use clear and plain language, hopefully, to take you from start to finish with it. If you want to know its history you could look it up here. Some people argue that WordPress has faults, that it is vulnerable to hacking, that it is this and that and they may well be right, however, if you are not a computer geek and you want to host and own your own website (which as a business you should) there is no quicker way to get a decent looking website online. Though there are drawbacks to using WordPress there are also advantages too. Firstly it’s free to download and use. Secondly, because it’s so widely used, a lot of people are very good with it, so if you are trying to do something really fancy and cannot work it out there is a good chance that someone has already put a video up on YouTube explaining what to do, or you will be able to find someone easily through a freelancing site who will do it for you relatively inexpensively. (If you doubt this I must tell you that I once made the mistake of going to such a site and asking for help with my WordPress website and I was overwhelmed with the response!).

You may be interested to know, as WordPress is free, who actually makes it? The answer is WordPress is open source, that means it is really free. It is built by people who collaborate to produce it and change it and amend it and upgrade it as it is needed. If you need to know more about why people do this then you could look here

Firstly worpress.org or wordpress.com, does it matter? Yes is the answer, wordpress.com hosts WordPress sites and blogs that people create. WordPress.org is where you download the software from. You then arrange for this to go on hosting that you source yourself. In case you think that the .org sounds like it may cost a bit and requires some effort, I’ll make the following points. The hosting costs are minimal and just about every hosting service on planet earth can host a WordPress site. Secondly by using the software with a domain name that you have bought and then arranged hosting for, you do own the site and, as I have mentioned in many places, this is vital for your main website.

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Do Not Use The Free Platform Offered By .com For Your Main Website, However Tempted You May Be!

I should explain in simple terms what WordPress software is, or does, or allows you to do. Everything that you see on a website is as a result of coding which has allowed it to happen, for example, at the top of a webpage you will see a header. That is not there by accident, it is there because a piece of coding says ‘put the header at the top’. These things are in place in WordPress and can be changed, according to your tastes, often at the touch of a button. So, if want your site to have a wide content area with no columns click here, if you want a slightly narrower content area with a sidebar on the right click here, that sort of thing. So WordPress is actually a framework which you can change or build upon but, importantly, all the hard work has been done for you so you just need to change it and amend it according to how you want it to look.

Elsewhere I’ll take a look at some other things which make WordPress so popular, loved and flexible. This includes Themes which come in the form of free and premium and can really make your site look good and distinct. Then there are Plugins which add a lot of functionality at the touch of a button. I’ll also be putting together some tutorials so that the learning curve will be as short as possible.